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I Need A DJ!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

"I have an upcoming event and need to find a good Dj service in Chicago!". Finding a Dj isn't always easy. Nowadays anyone can Dj with simple equipment through bluetooth capabilities and apps that make it easy to play music. The difference, however, is the experience one has. Experienced Djs know how to troubleshoot their equipment, read crowds, provide guidance for effective set-up of equipment, facilitate basic business functions such as invoices and accepting various payment methods, and establish backup plans. Experience can be shown through images, videos, websites, reviews, and simple dialog. Here's the process you should consider when booking your next corporate, wedding, or private event Dj in Chicago. Hop on a call and ASK QUESTIONS! If you're on a budget it's important to ask what exactly the Dj provides (i.e number of speakers, types of lights, MC, contract). Most clients don't want to worry about the brands of equipment and other logistics, they simply want the Dj to provide a great experience through equipment and top quality service therefore knowing what the Dj will bring is crucial. Don't be afraid to ask what the purpose of each item is, there are many sharks out there trying to rip you off so if you don't NEED it, simply ask them to remove it and hopefully you can get a slight price reduction. Another reason to hop on a call is getting to know who you're in business with. This means familiarizing yourself with the entire booking process and the personality of the people you will be working with. One common complaint is "The Dj played good music but (he or she) was not fun to work with." Nothing kills a vibe like a person's bad attitude and hearing someone's voice on the phone is the first step in building trust with your Dj. You can hear how much they care about making the best of your event and also how passionate they are in what they do. Remember they will also be in front of your guests so if you're not feeling their vibe, it's best you move on to the next choice.

NEVER compromise quality for price. It's the same as throwing your money away. Unless you don't really care how your event turns out, if you're quoted a price that is significantly lower than the rest, it's for a reason. This Dj might just be starting out and their interaction with you and your guests might be very awkward or equipment may lack in quality. This isn't ALWAYS true but be cautious.

After you have all your questions answered, ask your Dj for a contract. Make sure your contract has all the correct information and as always, ask questions if something doesn't make sense or you simply need clarification. The best Djs will be happy to help and answer your questions as our goal is to earn your trust and deliver a great service. Share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know some of your experiences, both good and bad!

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