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COVID-19 Work From Home

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

We are into week 1 of a mass work-from-home period here in Chicago and across the US. How does that affect us at Bassmnt Entertainment and across the music/entertainment industry? After building ourselves a solid reputation in the various aspects of our industry, we wanted to give back to the community. The unfortunate circumstances this virus has created, has led to the cancellation of many social events. College/Career day is among the many events we had planned to be present at.

Schools have been closed and students are attending virtual classes wherever offered. Weddings and corporate events have been postponed for later on in the year. So what does that look like for us the DJs, producers, and engineers? Training and file management!

Earlier in the week I personally had to go into my music downloads and sort through that mess. Well it's not really a mess but being versatile means we have songs of every era and genre. It's a tedious procedure as not all folders are as straightforward as it may seem. Do I put it the 80's, 90's, party starters, or clean music folder? File management is important for us to know the vibe we are going for especially if we have to make a quick change in music vibe. Working from home isn't all that bad. Being part of the entertainment industry we have to sharpen our knowledge by keeping up with trends whether it's new equipment, music, software, or anything that makes it easier for us to help our clients. Staying relevant is also key which lets us plan on content for our followers. Maybe there are some of you out there thinking about starting your own business. Take this time to see what it's like working from home. Find out what helps you stay productive, what does your market information show, who or what can provide the guidance to take the first steps in building your own brand.

Through this time, our vocal recording studio is still in operation. Most vocalists come by with, at most, 2 other people so we are all just being cautious trying to keep our facility clean for every client that comes in. Some artists are able to record in their own homes with their own equipment (thanks to modern technology) and send us their vocal tracks for mixing and mastering. All in all, our DJs understand the situation and will do whatever we can to move dates according to availability. We look forward to all our events and studio bookings going back to normal. Follow our social channels for special offers and updates!

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